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Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

How do I change my profile name and profile picture?


Tap on your profile picture or profile icon in the upper right corner which will take you to the settings page.


On the settings pages you can change your name and profile picture. If you haven’t updated your name and photo, please do.  This way, your friends in the giantgood community can find you and get inspired.


How do I share an act with the giantgood community if I don’t want to share it Facebook and Instagram?


It’s simple. When you hit the “share” button your photo (or if you skip the photo the meme we provided for the act) will go into the giantgood community only. If you toggle on Facebook or Instagram you will also share your act with your friends on those networks. Each time you hit share your act will be added to your progress.

 sharing only in giantgood        



Why do I need to grant giantgood permission to access my camera?


Granting permission allows you to use a picture you take or from your photo library when you complete an act. Even if you grant permission you can still use the act meme we created if you choose not to use one of your photos. We encourage you to use your photos as they are probably much cooler to share then the meme we supply!


What should I do if I have other questions, need help or have suggestions on the app?


We love getting feedback and helping you have a better experience.


Please feel free to email us at

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